Max Wagg-Mechanical Engineering Student 
University of Alberta
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Work Experience


Career Objectives 

My current career goals are simple: gain experience in field work, and find a mentor that can guide me to make good decisions in my field. As an active, kinetic learner, I find I work best when I am moving around and gathering qualitative data as well as quantitive data to back up my work and I want to find a job that allows me to put that to good use. Due to my inexperience, however, my sense of what may or may not be a good career move is not fully developed, and I am willing to acceptance guidance and constructive criticism from a more senior engineer in my field. 

Work Experience 

Instructor, DiscoverE Science Camps (May-August 2013): 

This past summer, I travelled all over Alberta teaching concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to grade school children, and also designed a camp curriculum for high school students interested in entering the faculty of engineering. 

Junior Instructor, DiscoverE Science Camps (June-August 2012) 

As a Junior Instructor, I assisted the more senior instructors with camps and science workshops and researched demonstrations for science shows.